Identify your goals

What are your goals that the website needs to fulfill

Scope Definition

What web pages and features the site requires to fulfill the goal, and the timeline for building those out.

Sitemap and Wireframe

With the scope defined, start digging into the sitemap, defining how the content and features defined in scope definition will interrelate.


Start creating content for the individual pages, always keeping search engine optimization (SEO) in mind to help keep pages focused on a single topic. It’s vital that you have real content to work with for our next stage:


Start working on the visual brand. Depending on the visual elements of the site.


It’s time to make sure it all works. Combine manual browsing of the site on a variety of devices with automated site crawlers to identify everything from user experience issues to simple broken links.


Once everything is working it’s time to show the public and start driving customers to your site.